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Small Sleigh Pour Box Candy Mold

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The small sleigh pour box candy mold is one of our most popular christmas candy molds. Fill the opening with homemade truffles, candies, mousse, small gifts, or a chocolate santa!

Product Description

Small Sleigh Pour Box Candy Mold

The small sleigh pour box candy mold is one of our most popular 3D Christmas chocolate molds due to its elegance and versatility.

Fill the opening inside the finished chocolate sleigh with truffles, homemade candies, mousse, or even a chocolate Santa Claus!

This candy mold makes one chocolate sleigh. You will put the pieces of the sleigh together by using melted chocolate as "glue".

It takes 3.6 ounces of chocolate to make 1 finished chocolate sleigh.

One pound of chocolate candy coatings (16 ounces) will make approximately 4 completed sleighs. 


(measurements are approximate)

Finished assembled chocolate sleigh measures 3 1/2 inches in length x 2 inches wide.

Inside opening measures 2 1/4 length x 1 inch wide.

How to care for and wash chocolate molds:

This is a chocolate mold, it is made of FDA approved food grade plastic that can tolerate the heat of chocolate but it will not withstand high heat applications such as hard candy making, hot sugar, and isomalt. Chocolate molds will usually withstand ingredients up to approximately 170 degrees F.

Chocolate molds are not dishwasher safe.

Wash and rinse in warm (not hot) water and dry thoroughly with paper towels. Be sure to dry your chocolate molds right away to avoid water spots, which can dull the plastic. Always shine the inside of your candy molds with a dry paper towel before using, this will ensure a shiny finish on your chocolates. 

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