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Orange Cream Center

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Contains 1 pound of Orange Cream firm candy filling Firm consistency is perfect for rolling and dipping in chocolate

Product Description

Our Delicious Orange Cream Firm Candy Filling is perfect for rolling and dipping in chocolate or candy coatings.
The firm consistency makes it easy to press into chocolate molds for a beautiful molded and filled chocolate.

How to make a molded and filled chocolate piece using Firm Candy Fillings-

Make sure the mold you are using is deep enough to fill.
Melt your chocolate or candy coatings and fill each cavity.
Let set for approximately 1 minute or until you see the edges of each cavity start to set.
Dump mold over parchment paper to release excess chocolate
At this point you should be left with a coating in each cavity.
Let this chocolate coating firm up in the mold, this will create a shell.
Roll a small amount of candy filling in a ball and press into hardened chocolate shells while still in the mold.
Cover each filled cavity with melted chocolate or candy coating.
Place in refrigerator until entire piece of chocolate releases from the mold easily

How to Dip Firm Candy Fillings-

Roll firm candy filling into balls and set aside.
Melt your chocolate or candy coatings.
Drop rolled filling into melted chocolate or candy coating
Using a dipping tool or a fork coat rolled filling in chocolate and remove.
Tap on edge of bowl to remove excess chocolate.
Place on parchment paper to harden.

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