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Glucose 16 oz.

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Glucose 16 oz. is used to make gummy candies, rolled fondant, hard candy, and a staple ingredient for many other cake decorating recipes and endevors.

Glucose is thicker than your typical corn syrup, has less water content, and has no color.

Contains 16 oz.

Product Description


Glucose also called Glucose Syrup is a thick clear corn syrup used in a variety of recipes including Nougats, Bonbons, Candies, Hard Candy, Caramels, Gum Paste Mixes, candy clay and other cake and candy recipes. It controls the formation of sugar crystals. It is different than the corn syrup you would find in your grocery store, as it has a lower percentage of water, and it it completely clear with almost no color. 

1/2 pound glucose is approximately 3/4 cup.

For easy measuring, warm the syrup in the microwave for 10-20 seconds.

16 oz.


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