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Bloody Bones Sprinkles/Tablets

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These Bloody bone sprinkles are fit for zombies and humans alike. You don't need to have a soul to love the taste and look of these fruit flavored tart candies.

This package contains 3 1/2 ounces

Bloody bone sprinkle size in length- 3/4 of an inch

Sweet fruity tart flavor

Perfect for homemade halloween treats or just to eat as candy.

Great for Halloween, zombie parties, and other ghostly affairs

Product Description


Bloody candy bones are perfect for the Halloween season. The coating has a nicely finished sheen with a splattering of red giving them the appearance of blood. They become powdery when you crunch into them. They are shaped to resemble human bones. Each bone is about 3/4 inch in length. These scary fruit flavored tart candies are sure to be a Halloween party attraction.


Pk/ 3 ½ oz.

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