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Edible Wafer / Rice Paper Sheets

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Edible wafer / rice paper sheets are used for making creative edible decorations such as butterfly wings, flowers, feathers or using it to add texture to the sides of cakes, and so much more. Rice paper can be printed or airbrushed on and cut out using different punch cutters.

Wafer rice paper is made from potato starch.

Contains 5 sheets per package.

Size of each sheet- 8 inches X 11 inches

Thickness of each sheet- Approximately 0.22 mm

Product Description

Edible Wafer Rice Paper Sheets

Edible wafer / Rice Paper Sheets can be used in many differernt applications for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and candies. It is also used for making Italian Torrone (nougat)

Package contains 5 sheets of edible wafer rice paper sheets.

Each sheet is approximately 0.22 mm thick.

Size of each sheet 8 inches by 11 inches

Wafer paper can be cut with punch cutters into different shapes and can also be formed to make gorgeous delicate looking flowers.

Draw and color in a design on the edible rice paper using non-toxic pens or fill in with colored piping gel. When ready to put on cake or cookies brush the underside with clear piping gel and lay on the iced cake or cookie. Outline the edges of the paper with a decorative border. The rice paper melts into the icing surface in approximately 1-2 days leaving your design.

Wafer paper is made with potato starch, water, and palm oil.

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