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TruColor Black Gel Paste Powder Color

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Tru Color Black natural food coloring for frosting, fondant, and baked goods creates rich color without the chemicals, preservatives, and artificial dyes of traditional food dyes. This natural edible color has a longer shelf life than other natural brands due to its dehydrated powder state. Just add water at a 1:1 ratio to activate the color and turn it to it’s gel color consistency. Mixing instructions, tips on how to use, and ingredients can be read below.

No FD&C Dyes – No Preservatives – Big 8 Allergen Free – GMO Free

Contains- 5 grams of natural gel food color in powdered form

Made in the USA

Product Description

TruColor Powder to Gel Food colors are the best natural food colors on the market, giving the brightest colors.

 Backed by years of development, TruColor not only lives up to it’s name in giving us the truest colors, but also backs it’s products with information on how to achieve a rainbow of results.

 Mixing instructions and how to use-

 TruColor Natural Gel Paste Colors were specifically designed for buttercream icing, but can also be used in dough or any product you want to color without it breaking down.


GEL PASTE: (1:1 RATIO) ½ tsp. water to ½ tsp. powder (Less water for fondant). Start by adding to 1/2 cup of buttercream to get an idea of intensity and shade.

Completely hydrate the color first with the least amount of water possible and never add water directly to the jar. Mix your color in a separate container, a small cup or a silicone cupcake liner works well. It is important to make sure that the powder is completely dissolved by mixing very well using a stir stick or a tooth pick; pressing and mixing the powder particles into the water. Test a small amount to make sure all the color is dissolved or you will see specks. When specks are present you may need to mix the powder more and add a small amount of water (just a few drips) and stir well until the color powder is completely dissolved before adding to your icing. A small rubber spatula works great to scrape the color out of the container your mixing in, so there is no waste!

TruColor™ “Black” Gel paste Powder is made with a fruit juice anthocyanin and requires a neutral to basic pH to get a “Tru” black shade. One 5 gram  jar will color ¼ pound of buttercream icing made with real butter to a deep black shade and up to ½ pound of icing for a grey color that will darken to show a black shade overnight. If your fondant has Acetic Acid or the shortening in your buttercream icing is stabilized with Citric Acid you will need to bring up the pH by adding small pinches of dissolved Baking soda to neutralize the acid that is already in your icing. Buttercream Icing made with real butter is naturally pH neutral, simply add the dissolved TruColor™ Black into real buttercream made from butter to achieve a dark black shade as these ingredients are naturally neutral! A simply way to get a deep black shade is to simply paint with a paint brush

When adding color to fondant or gum paste-

Use less than the recommended equal parts of water to concentrate the color so you don’t break down your fondant or make it too sticky, Use a dropper and drip drops of water to hydrate the powder, using the least amount of water possible.  

Black is one of the hardest color to achieve with food colors but it can be especially challenging when working with a natural black food color. Following the above instructions and tips will help you to achieve the brightest and truest shade possible. Please be patient and allow the black a little time to develop after mixing.

Natural colors will react differently depending on the PH of your buttercream. When mixing into a buttercream made with real butter you will get a more intense result. Vegan buttercream or all shortening buttercream will result in a slightly lighter shade or may need more color added to get a more intense result.

Ingredients- Caramel color, fruit juice color, baking soda, vegetable and plant based gums.

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