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Spring Tulip Russian Piping Tip

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Spring Tulip Russian Piping Tip is designed to pipe beautiful tulips in one easy motion.

Pipe tulips with 5 petals on cakes and cupcakes quickly and easily.

Durable stainless steel with a seamless finish for lasting quality.

Actual tip size is approximately 1 ¾ inch high x 1 ¼ inch width at the bottom and ¾ inch width at the top of the nozzle.

Larger than a standard pastry tip- we recommend purchasing 18 inch disposable pastry bags for the best fit as Russian Pastry Tips will not fit on a coupler.

Produces a variety of flower heights from ¼ inch to ¾ inch depending on pressure and buttercream stiffness

Works best with a stiff and smooth buttercream.

Product Description

The Spring Tulip Russian piping tip by Confectionery House pipes buttercream tulips in one easy motion, just squeeze, lift, and release pressure. The latest trend in cake decorating!

With a little practice, you'll be making buttercream tulips quickly and easily!

Our Russian Piping tips are made from durable stainless steel with a seamless finish.

Russian Piping tips are much larger than standard pastry tips, we recommend using an 18 inch disposable pastry bag so you can cut the end to accommodate the size of the tip (Russian Pastry Tips will not fit onto a coupler)

Size of the tip - 1 3/4-inch high x 1 1/4-inch width at the bottom of the tip and 3/4-inch-wide at the top of the nozzle

This Spring Tulip Russian tip will produce 5 petal tulips in various sizes depending on the stiffness of your buttercream and your piping skill. We piped tulips with this tip that were ¼-inch-high, ½- inch high, and up to ¾-inch high. As you learn to use your new pastry tips, you may find it easier to pipe your flowers a little shorter and as you become more familiar you can work your way to making flowers with longer petals.

A stiff and smooth Buttercream is essential when working with these tips. You'll want to use a recipe for decorator icing that is suitable for making buttercream roses and flowers. If you're new to making buttercream, or if you're having trouble making a buttercream that works well with your Russian tips, we recommend using  CK vanilla buttercream. We had great success using our Russian Pastry Tips with the CK buttercream, it not only allowed us to pipe beautiful flowers, but it also gave us an idea of what the optimal consistency in buttercream should be for using these tips.

To use your Russian flower piping tip, you'll start by squeezing down onto your base (i.e. cupcake or cake), gently lifting up while squeezing, and then letting off on pressure as you get to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch away from your base. Like anything, practice makes perfect!

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