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Red and Green Peppermint Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t love peppermint bark during the holidays? But white chocolate lovers often get left out. Not anymore!

The combination of Merckens creamy white chocolate candy coatings and peppermint crunch makes a delicious--and easy--holiday treat. Even folks who don’t love white chocolate adore this Christmas candy.

Just like our classic red and green peppermint bark, this recipe makes great gifts. Wrap the bars in a foil candy wrapper and you’ll be Santa’s favorite.

These bars look so elegant wrapped in chocolate foil wrappers, You’ll feel so fancy peeling the foil away to take a bite. 

What you’ll need to make them

Note: this recipe calls for one cup of red and green peppermint crunch to one pound of merckens coatings. There are about two cups in a bag of red and green peppermint crunch, so if you’d like to double this recipe, you’ll need an extra bag of candy coatings.

Combine Red and Green Peppermint Crunch with Merckens

To make red and green peppermint chocolate bars, mix one cup of red and green peppermint crunch into one pound of melted Merckens White Candy Coatings (see how to melt merckens candy coatings here). This is the same technique used for traditional peppermint bark.

Stir until the peppermint crunch is coated with the melted white chocolate.

Pour into Chocolate Bar Molds

Pour into a chocolate bar mold of your choice (no need to spray chocolate molds with any type of vegetable spray- the chocolate will release all on its own).

Use a spatula to spread out the peppermint crunch and chocolate mixture, and tap the mold onto the countertop to level everything out.

Unmold Chocolate Bars

Place the mold into the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes or until the chocolate has completely set. Remove from the fridge and carefully turn the chocolate bars out of the mold onto your countertop.

Wrap in Chocolate Foil Wrappers

The holidays are all about sparkle and shine, stay on trend and add bling to your chocolates by wrapping your chocolate bars with a shiny and colorful chocolate foil wrapper, they not only look pretty, but they protect your chocolate bars and keep them fresh for about 2 to 3 weeks.

Store wrapped chocolates in a covered container and in a cool place away from sunlight until your ready to give out as gifts.

If you want to go the extra mile, use pretty craft paper, or make and print custom chocolate bar wrappers and wrap them around the foil covered bars.

Secure with a cute sticker or a piece of tape. Your friends and family will be asking where you bought such pretty chocolate Bars, and you can proudly say “I made them for you!”


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