Chocolate Mint Cookies

  • 1 lb. Merckens Dark Candy Coatings
  • 8-10 drops LorAnn Peppermint Oil
  • 1 Package or Ritz Crackers

Set up your supplies, you will need silicone liners and a screen dipping tool.

Melt chocolate coating in microwave 20 seconds at a time (you will probably have to do this 3-4 times) stirring to distribute hot spots. When the coatings are nearly melted, stir the lumps out and add the peppermint oil, remember you are only melting the chocolate coatings not cooking them!

Dip the crackers, one at a time into melted coating, lift with the dipping tool, tap the side of the bowl to shake off excess chocolate and it also smooths the top of the cookie. Set onto the paper until set.

If you want to dress them up drizzle melted Green Coatings on top or sprinkle with non-pariels, jimmies etc.

You can also dip your favorite chocolate sandwich cookie.

     Happy Baking and Candy Making!