Cake Pop Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting

Cake Pop Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting

Here are a few problems that you could run into while making your cake pops prior to dipping

Lumps and bumps-

This could happen if you didn’t crumble your cake fine enough; hands work best to crumble your cake! You can also go through with a fork to break up any remaining lumps of cake.

Cake pops are too sweet-

Less is best when adding the frosting to your cake crumbs!

Problems that could occur while dipping.

Coating on cake pop is too thick or lumpy-

This is where paramount crystals are quite handy. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons per pound of melted coatings. White and colored coatings especially need this boost! We recommend paramount crystals over shortening, because they don’t leave a taste to your chocolate. You want your melted coatings to be a thin consistency so you can double dip them if needed.

Cracked cake pops-

This happens if your cake pops are too cold before dipping. If this happens let your batch warm up a bit before dipping. If your cake pops have already cracked, fear not! Wait until the coating hardens and dip again.

Wondering how to write on your cake pops??

Use edible markers! Wipe the markers off on a paper towel in between drawing on your pops, as chocolate sometimes builds up on the markers.

Want your cake pops to sparkle?

Edible glitter and sanding sugar work perfect! Or dust with luster dust for a pretty sparkling sheen. To make a design with your edible glitter or sanding sugar, use a paint brush dipped in corn syrup to make your design; this will be your “glue”.

Sprinkle or dip your cake pop into the edible glitter or sanding sugar of choice. It’s easier if you work in sections on your cake pop.

Want flavored cake pops…but you didn’t use a flavored cake batter? No problem!

Add your favorite LorAnn oil to your frosting prior to mixing with your cake crumbs. Make sure to flavor the melted coatings as well.

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Get creative, there are endless ways to decorate and personalize your cake pops.

Sprinkles, sparkles, pearls, jimmies, royal icing flowers, even your favorite candy pieces can be used! Drizzle melted chocolate over your cake pops for an easy elegant look…then step it up a notch with a dusting of our shimmery luster dusts! For more tips and tricks we strongly recommend checking out Bakerella’s cake pop book, it’s our favorite!