How to make Panoramic Sugar Eggs

How to Make Panoramic Sugar Eggs

Learn how to make panoramic sugar eggs this Easter, and enjoy a fun DIY project you can share with your friends and family.

Panoramic sugar eggs make beautiful decorations, and look stunning in an Easter basket; and they’re a lot of fun to make!

This traditional Easter treat involves a technique called sugar molding, the end result leaves you with a decorative sugar Easter egg with a scene inside. Children love the magical scenes inside these eggs, but they’ll love learning how to make panoramic sugar eggs even more!How-to-make-panoramic-sugar-eggs-tutorial

When I was growing up, making panoramic sugar eggs was a tradition my mother and I really enjoyed, my mother still has my first panoramic egg I made from 20 years ago! Unfortunately, as I grew up, our tradition of making these scenic eggs drifted away from us. This year I decided we would pick the tradition back up, and share with you how to make panoramic sugar eggs at home, that you can cherish for years to come.

A little side note:

While these sugar eggs are completely edible, we don’t recommend eating them, as they are made entirely of sugar. We will not be held responsible for any sugar highs!

 They do however make beautiful decorations, and as long as they are wrapped up tight, your panoramic sugar eggs should last for years and years.

Let’s get started!

The size of the egg candy mold you use, will determine how many sugar eggs you’ll get per batch. After baking your sugar eggs, you’ll scrape out the excess sugar, which can be reused to make another round.

For the first round, you’ll have enough to make 2 sets of panoramic sugar eggs (4 halves).

Using the excess sugar that you scrape out of the eggs, you’ll be able to make another set (2 halves).

You’ll be able to put together a total of 3 panoramic eggs with this recipe (6 halves).

There’s a few things you’ll need to start:

A large egg candy mold  <Buy Here> <–the one I used

(if you prefer a different egg mold you can check out all of our egg molds <HERE>

5 cups Granulated sugar

5 teaspoons meringue powder <Buy Here>

6 tsp water

Baking sheet <Buy Here>

A long spatula <Buy Here>

Royal icing mix <Buy Here> (or make your own recipe at bottom of post)

Oval cookie cutter set <Buy Here>

Unwaxed cardboard rectangles cut to the size of the egg you’ll be making. (The clean side of a pizza box, or the unwaxed side of a cake board will work just fine).

Easter Royal Icing Decorations <Buy Here>

Pastry Tips – scroll down for a list with links to the tips I used

Couplers <Buy Here>– they allow you to change the tip on your pastry bag

Kee-Seal Disposable pastry bags <Buy Here>

Ready to learn how to make panoramic sugar eggs?

First you’ll need 5 cups of sugar

Then you’ll add 5 teaspoons of meringue powder (this will help harden the sugar)

Mix it into the sugar using a whisk or your hands.

Now you’ll add 6 teaspoons of water, and mix it all up until it’s the consistency of wet sand.

The consistency of your sugar should look like this.


I chose to keep my sugar egg white, but if you would like to color it, just add a few drops of liquid food color to the water, before adding it to the sugar.

Now it’s time to mold your sugar eggs.

Using an egg candy mold ( click here for the mold I used)

Pack the mold tightly with sugar. Making sure it’s packed tightly will help you avoid cracks in your egg. You don’t need to coat the mold with anything, the egg will release just like wet beach sand being turned out of a bucket.


Molding panoramic sugar eggs

Scrape the excess sugar off with a long spatula.


Using cardboard cut to the size of your egg, turn the sugar egg out onto the cardboard, and place on a baking sheet.

Repeat the molding process so you have two halves.

You’ll need to create an opening for the “window” to your panoramic egg. To do this, use an oval cutter (click here for the set I used), lightly press into the sugar egg leaving an indentation. You don’t need to push it into the sugar too far, just enough to leave a good mark. 

Note: The first time I cut my opening, I waited too long to do it, and the edges of sugar around the cutter started to crack. Be sure to work some-what quickly.


You’ll only need to make an oval cut-out on one half of your panoramic egg. The indentation will create a weak spot, making it easy to remove after baking.

Next, using a spatula, slice the bottoms off of the sugar eggs, making sure you take even amounts from both halves. This will create the base for your egg to stand.

panoramic sugar eggs molded and cut

In an oven that has been preheated to 150 degrees F place your baking pan in the oven for 15 minutes. You’ll bake the sugar eggs right on their cardboard sheets. 

Note: No matter what size your egg is, you’ll still bake at the same temperature and time.

Once they’re done baking, let them cool for about 10 minutes.

Using a sharp paring knife, score around your oval cut-out, once loosened, lift it off of your sugar egg. 


You can now scrape out your egg, and the panoramic window opening, leaving a hollow shell. Be sure to scrape out both sides and allow them to dry a little on a cooling rack. You’ll use the sugar you scraped out, to make another batch of eggs. Just add about a 1/2 teaspoon of water back into the mix and mold another set of eggs!



Now for the fun part, time to decorate and assemble your panoramic sugar eggs!

To decorate your panoramic Easter eggs and put them together, you’ll need to mix up some royal icing. You’ll want your royal icing nice and stiff. If you’ve never made royal icing before, it’s  actually really easy! You can also buy an easy to use mix HERE, just follow the directions for stiff consistency.  Or, you can make your own using the recipe I’ve included at the bottom of this blog post.


You can also purchase some pre-made royal icing decorations HERE to decorate the inside of your scenic sugar eggs.  

You could also make your own edible decorations a few days ahead of time, using royal icing or gum paste.

I like to do the decorating towards the back of the egg before I adhere my two halves together. I add more decorations to the front half once the two halves are put together. I find this to be the easiest way to decorate the inside. 

decorating a panoramic sugar egg

Don’t be afraid to get creative when decorating a panoramic sugar egg! There’s really no right or wrong way. Remember, learning how to make panoramic sugar eggs should be fun!

I used a variety of pastry tips to create grass and leaves inside of my egg, here’s a list of the tips I used. Just click the blue link to go directly to the product.

#16 Star Tip -used for the border around the outside of the egg

#233 multi opening tip– I used this to make grass

# 349 Leaf tip– This pastry tip was used to create the leaves and stems of the flowers

#2A Round tip– I used this tip for the white icing I piped around the edge of my egg, to “glue” the two halves together.

Once you’re ready to put your two halves together, pipe white royal icing around the edge of one half, and sandwich the two eggs together.



You can hide the seams by piping shells, stars, or a border of your choice around the edge. I like to pipe a little border around the scenic opening as well.


And that’s really all there is to it!

Learning how to make panoramic sugar eggs should be fun, don’t stress if things don’t come out right the first time, just learn from your mistake and make a new one! 

Here’s the eggs we made during the making of this tutorial-

How-to-make-a-panoramic-egg-with-duck-scene Panoramic-sugar-egg-with-succulents How-to-make-a-panoramic-sugar-egg-for-Easter

Panoramic Sugar Eggs Recipe Overview:


5 cups of sugar

5 teaspoons of meringue powder (this will help harden the sugar)

6 teaspoons of water

Panoramic egg mold of choice


Preheat oven to 150 degrees F.

In a large bowl, add 5 cups of sugar.

Mix Meringue powder into the sugar using a whisk or your hands.

Add 6 teaspoons of water, and mix it all up until it’s the consistency of wet sand.

Pack your sugar mixture into an egg mold and turn it out onto a piece of cardboard. Do this twice.

Use an oval cutter to make an indent into the side of one egg (this will make your window)

Cut the bottoms of the sugar eggs to create a flat bottomed base (this is how your eggs will stand).

Bake on a baking sheet for 15 minutes at 150 degrees F

Let cool for 10 minutes before scooping out. Be sure to score around your oval indentation with a knife, and lift it off of your egg. You’ll use the sugar you scraped out, to make another batch of eggs. Just add about a 1/2 teaspoon of water back into the mix and mold another set of eggs!

Follow the tutorial on how to decorate!

Royal Icing recipe for stiff consistency:


3 tablespoons Meringue Powder

4 cups confectioners sugar (approximately 1 pound)

5 Tablespoons of water


Beat all ingredients at medium speed in a large bowl of a stand mixer, until icing forms peaks. If using a hand mixer, beat on high speed for 10-12 minutes. Keep beating until peaks form and the icing loses its sheen. Keep a wet cloth over your bowl when not working with the icing, this will keep it from drying out. 

You’ll make about 2 1/4 cups of royal icing using this recipe.

You can thin it down by adding more water, or thicken it up by adding more confectioners sugar.

Important Note: Make sure the bowls, whisks, spatulas, pastry bags and anything that comes into contact with your royal icing is completely free of grease. Plastic tends to hold onto grease, so unless you are sure everything is completely grease-free, I would recommend using glass or stainless steel.


Now that you’ve learned how to make panoramic sugar eggs, have fun, and don’t forget to share photos of your panoramic eggs in the comments or on Facebook at:

You can find Panoramic egg candy molds, royal icing Easter decorations, royal icing flowers, and all the other Panoramic egg supplies you’ll need at

How to Make Panoramic Sugar Eggs

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