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  1. Thumbprint Snowman Cookies

    Thumbprint Snowman Cookies are easy to make and decorate when you use Merckens White Candy Coatings!

    They’re delicious and cute, and everything you could want in a Christmas cookie.  They’re not overly sweet and go wonderfully with coffee on Christmas morning (Santa will love them too!).

    You don’t need to be a cookie decorating maven to decorate them, so they’re great for kids and cookie parties. 

    What You’ll Need

    Bake the Cookies

    Use the recipe below to make the thumbprint cookie dough, there’s no chill time required, so you can bake the cookies right away! If you want to get ahead of the holidays, you can bake a batch of these cookies 3 weeks in advance and freeze them. Just store undecorated cookies in an airtight container in your freezer, and when you’re ready to serve them, let them come to room temperature before decorating.

    Our Thumbprint Snowman Cookie Recipe makes about 2 dozen cookies when using a tablespoon of cookie dough for each cookie.  

    Melt the Merckens White Candy Coatings

    Once the cookies have cooled begin to decorate them.

    In a disposable pastry bag, melt ½ pound of merckens white candy coatings in the microwave 20 seconds at a time, squishing the bag around in between intervals to distribute hot spots (Here’s how to melt Merckens Candy Coatings). 


    Fill the Thumbprint Cookies

    Once the chocolate is melted, snip the tip of the bag and squeeze the white chocolate into the centers of the cookies, filling to the top.

    When all of the cookies are filled with white chocolate, place them on a baking sheet and set aside to harden at room temperature for about  20 minutes or until the chocolate has set up and hardened. 

    Draw Faces with an Edible Marker 

    Using a black AmeriColor edible marker draw a face and eyes onto the white chocolate, clean the tip of the marker with a paper towel in between drawing to remove buildup that can form at the tip, making it hard to draw.

    Make sure you only use an edible marker for this project, they’re filled with food coloring making them safe to use on baked goods -- regular craft markers are not food safe.

    Pipe a Carrot Nose 

    Melt 1/4 cup of Merckens Orange Candy Coatings in a disposable pastry bag 20 seconds at a time in the microwave. Snip the very tip of the pastry bag and pipe a carrot nose onto the center of the white chocolate. Let the orange noses set up at room temperature for about 10 minutes

    You’ll love how cute and easy they are, and if you recruit the kids to help you’ll have your cookie decorating done in record time. Nothing beats feeling like an accomplished cookie hero during the holidays.

  2. Christmas Toffee Bark

    Every year around the Holidays we get requests for EASY Christmas candy recipes. Everyone feels short on time, but who doesn’t want to show off their impressive candy making skills?

    Well here is it, get ready for the easiest Christmas candy you’ll make all year (aside from our peppermint bark recipe, which is even easier!). 

    Our Christmas Toffee Bark is insanely addicting, and once you start eating it you just can’t stop, it’s the perfect snack for Christmas parties, or wrap it up in cellophane bags tied with curling ribbon and give it out to work friends and family!

    Whatever you do, be sure to make extra, because it gets gobbled up quick!


    Makes one 12 x 18 pan of toffee bark. 


    What You’ll Need

    What To Do

    Preheat the oven at 375 degrees.

    Line a 12 x 18 jelly roll pan with parchment paper and lay out the saltine crackers in rows, side by side in a single layer onto the lined cookie sheet.

    Combine two sticks of butter and one cup of brown sugar in a medium saucepan. Cook on medium high heat stirring frequently until the butter melts. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally for about 3 more minutes or just until the mixture comes to a boil and starts to darken.

    Pour the boiling butter and sugar mixture evenly over the saltine crackers and spread it out using an offset spatula. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy!

    Bake for about 5 minutes and remove carefully as the crackers and hot sugar will slide around a little. Set aside to cool a little while you melt the Merckens chocolate in the microwave. It doesn’t need to be completely cooled to add the chocolate, it’s ok if it's still a little warm. 

    In a glass measuring cup, melt ¾ pound of Merckens Dark Candy Coatings 20 seconds at a time in the microwave until melted (Here’s how to melt merckens). Pour evenly over the sugar-coated saltine crackers and smooth it out with an offset spatula. 

    While the chocolate is still wet sprinkle ¼ cup of toffee crunch evenly over top and drizzle with melted green and red merckens candy coatings.

    Refrigerate for an hour or until it’s hardened and cooled, it should snap when breaking off a piece. Break it up into pieces and package into cellophane bags or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator until you are ready to use for up to 2 weeks.

    Our Christmas Toffee Bark recipe is so easy, you’ll be able to make multiple batches in no time, but if you want an even easier recipe to add to your Christmas candy making list - Check out our peppermint bark recipe here.

  3. How to Make Spooky Witch Finger Cookies

    How to Make Spooky Witch Finger Cookies

    Don’t get caught being a basic witch this Halloween! Plain sugar cookies are boring, perfectly piped royal icing is better left for Martha, but gory witch fingers are where it’s at this Halloween! Easy to make with no expertise needed, serve these cookies at your Halloween party and watch friends cringe with delight. They’ll love the delicious taste of sugar cookies dipped in sweet royal icing and topped with a crunchy almond slice.

    Witch finger cookies can be made in a pinch, but you’ll need to let them set up overnight, so be sure to give yourself at least a day to make them.

    Supplies you’ll need for Witch Finger Cookies

    Make the cookie dough

    In a large bowl cream together butter and sugar with an electric mixer at medium speed until blended. Add the egg and vanilla extract (or a flavoring of your choice) and beat until mixed well. Add in flour and salt and beat on medium speed until blended. 

    Bake the Witch Finger Cookies

    Baking perfectly shaped witch finger cookies is an easy task with the Witch Finger Cookie Pan. No more misshapen finger cookies that resemble flattened sausages (have you seen the Pinterest fails?), this cookie pan makes witch fingers perfect every time!

    Spray the finger cookie pan lightly with vegetable spray and press two teaspoons of dough into each cavity of the cookie pan. Bake for 8 to 9 minutes or until edges lightly brown. Let them cool on a cooling rack for about 30 minutes and you're ready for decorating!

    Make Royal Icing

    Royal icing is easy to make using our royal icing mix, just add water! Follow the package directions and mix accordingly for a thin consistency. If you’d rather make your own, use the recipe below, you only need a few ingredients.

    Dip the Finger Cookies

    Set a cooling rack over a sheet of parchment paper.

    This will allow excess icing to drip off rather than puddle around the cookie, and the parchment will catch any drips, making clean up easier, just toss the royal icing dripped parchment in the trash when you're done ( royal icing crusts and hardens so you can't reuse the royal icing that's dripped off).

    Dip the front of the finger cookies into the royal icing keeping your fingertips on the very edge of the cookie, and let the excess icing flow off leaving a thin coating of icing.

    Then place the cookie onto the cooling rack, and Immediately place an almond slice onto the cookie to make a fingernail.

    Let the Witch Finger Cookies Set.

    Let them set out overnight uncovered to harden, leaving them out on the counter top is just fine since refrigerating them will keep the royal icing from hardening. It's best to give yourself two days to complete this project.

    Decorate the Witch Finger Cookies 

    Use AmeriColor Edible Food Markers to decorate your witch fingers in a flash! Use a black edible marker to draw stitches and a red edible marker around the edges to draw on gory blood. Color around or on the almond slice, shade in cracks or color the entire almond slice in yellow.

    Let the decorated witch finger cookies dry for 10 minutes to prevent smudging the edible marker decorations.  

    Serve Witch Finger Cookies at your Halloween party alongside raspberry pastry filling for dipping, and they go great with coffee or tea!

    Mess-free edible markers make decorating a breeze, so easy to make and decorate- kids will love helping!

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